Greetings from San Francisco

While I never really question if Chris and I are right for each other, I love those moments that remind me even more why we’re so good together.

After a fun weekend visit with Chris’ mother, which involved wedding dress shopping (wish I could tell you more about that here), Chris headed to San Francisco for a week-long training session for work.  I really thought I’d enjoy a few days to unwind, but after I dropped his mom off  at the airport yesterday I felt incredibly lonely.  My initial plan was to have some alone time at home then head up to San Francisco later in the week, but instead I came up here yesterday evening and am so glad I did.  I still get alone time in the city during the day, between lunches with friends, and get quality time with Chris each evening to explore the city together.

My work space this week

I’ll try to keep up with posting over the next few days, but if I don’t, you know why.  I also left my real camera at home since I was trying to pack light and had to decide between that and my laptop.  Laptop won (since I really need to keep looking for jobs).


Mom & Dad’s Grilled Chicken Marinade

Since the fiance and I eat a fairly low-carb diet during the week, it’s sometimes tough to come up with meal plans and recipes.  That’s why I find it super exciting when I discover certain old favorites are a naturally low-carb.  One of these is my parent’s chicken wing marinade that I’ve been eating my entire life. It’s so simple to make, and while I may be bias, it totally beats sugary barbecue sauce.

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Target Find: L’Oreal Colour Riche Polish in Violet Vixen

So I have to admit I’m a bit of a nail polish snob.  I usually gravitate towards Essie, OPI and now China Glaze (apparently a West Coast brand) too.  However, a few Target trips ago, I noticed a display of some fun L’Oreal colors.  I’m not sure if they’re new, or have new packaging, but they really caught my eye.  A few Target trips later I just couldn’t resist and I picked up Violet Vixen for $4.99.

Violet Vixen

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This Time Last Year: A Snow Day in NYC

Watch out folks, it’s going to get a little sentimental up in here!

I don’t know if everyone does it, but I often find myself thinking “this time last year.”  For me it’s a way to think about my growth and success over the last 365 days and also to reflect upon positive memories from the past.

This year, it’s even more relevant than ever.  As I sat here looking out my window on a sunny California day in January, I came across a few photos from about this time last year. Continue reading

My New Travel Buddy, Beatrix Runs

In the last 18 months I’ve flown cross-country more times than I can count.  Literally.  I think I lost count sometime around last March.   I’m pretty sure I flew more last year than I did in all of the entire twenty something years before combined.  While I’ve probably complained about this more than I should, I’m quite grateful for this experience.  Leaving on the red-eye from San Jose at 10:30 pm PT, arriving in New York at 7 am ET and going straight to work wasn’t exactly ideal, but I did it (many times).  That’s love.

Once I moved out here I thought the traveling would slow down, but oh how I was wrong.  There were graduations, weddings, business trips and holidays to celebrate.  Each trip has been a blessing in its own way – new cities to see, new family to meet and memories to be made, but oh those flights.  It’s been nice to finally have my fiance Chris as a travel buddy, but that also means I’m stuck with the middle seat.   Continue reading

Cauliflower “Mac” & Cheese

I’ve been on a bit of a cooking streak lately.  I guess it’s because the weather has been “bad” and we’re trying to save money and eat better in the new year.  During the week my fiance Chris and I try to stick to a low-carb diet, so sometimes that takes a little creative meal planning, especially since I crave noodles, in one form or another, almost every day.  On Friday I was really looking for some delicious comfort food and decided to give this recipe from Food Network a try.


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Chicken & Vegetable Curry Soup

I’ve been in California for exactly five months today and if there’s anything I’ve learned (or confirmed), it’s that weather perspectives out here are quite different.  While Seattle is having record snowfall right now and the East Coast is having a fairly mild winter (it’s currently 18 degrees in my CT hometown with two inches of fresh snow from last night), the weather here in San Jose is REALLY rough.  So much so that the local news suggested you might try to leave work early today to avoid tonight’s dangerous driving conditions in the RAIN.  Yup.  Rain.

But I must confess, I’m already adjusting to the local climate.  50 degrees suddenly does feel like winter and clouds are just so depressing. Now how do my windshield wipers operate?

California "Winter"

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