Recently a friend of mine lost more than forty pounds after being introduced to yoga (which then led to other healthful habits).  I use the term “recently” loosely, because I give her a ton of her credit for her journey, which didn’t exactly happen overnight, but she’s gone from eating gummy bears and Indian takeout on the couch nightly to a fit yogi with a much better sense for food.

As for me, I recently fell in love and left behind my single-girl life as a Public Relations Account Manager in Manhattan (along with all of my friends and family on the East Coast) and followed my heart and my (now) fiancé to Silicon Valley.

Talk about changes.

Now I’m an engaged-girl with a job to find, wedding to plan and a bit of free time on my hands.

When I decided to move out here, my fiancé feared I might get bored outside of Manhattan and went on a bit of a Groupon shopping spree.  One of these said Groupons was for 30 days of unlimited hot yoga at a local yoga studio.  Blaming the need for a $50 hot yoga towel, I put off signing up for my first class, but it was mostly fear standing in my way.  Finally, with just a month left before the Groupon expired, I signed up and took eight classes in 30 days…and then the holidays came, and the flu and a whole other round of excuses.

Good thing nothing says inspiration like January 1 (even if I was asleep when it rolled in this year) and that’s where this blog comes in.  It’s going to be a big year as I learn to be a West Coast-er, plan my wedding, become a yoga addict and eventually a wife (whoa, did I say that out loud?). I’m sure this will all give me lots to say so this will be my outlet, and even more importantly, keep me in check. Here goes!


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