Talking to Strangers

If there’s one thing I learned shortly after getting engaged, it’s that the wedding industry is freaking scary.  I promised myself I’d never, ever become a “bridezilla,” but as I watched the dollar signs pile up on venue proposals I pretty much just wanted to cry.  How could charging this much even be legal?

Thankfully I got myself back in check pretty quickly (mostly thanks to my amazing fiancé) and found this really awesome book, Bridal Bargains. I truly think anyone planning a wedding should read it, but if I had to sum up everything in one nugget of advice, I’d say, “think outside the box.”

Being totally new to the area and having all of my family and friends more than 3,000 miles away is definitely going to be a challenge when planning my wedding, so I decided to be proactive and tackle that challenge first.  I surely can’t move everyone out here, but I can make new friends and form my own “wedding support group,” so that’s exactly what I did.

Thinking outside the box in my own way, I created a Meetup group for Bay Area Brides to Be in hopes of meeting others in the same boat.  I nervously checked, and checked and re-checked my email waiting for members and by some stroke of genius, I’ve got nearly 20 members in just a few weeks.  Now it’s time to go meet these girls and see how well my plan worked.  Wish me luck!


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