sitting alone with a big plate of cookies

So, while I wasn’t flying planes with my fiance this weekend, I was actually trying to make some girl friends.  Like I said before, it’s tough planning a wedding when all of your closest female friends are 3,000 miles away.   That’s where the inaugural meeting for my newly formed Meetup group, Bay Area Brides to Be, comes in.

I got to Panera about 30 minutes early (because I’m way too early for everything I do),  purchased eight delicious looking cookies, selected three tables, set up some bridal magazines and waited…. Have you ever sat alone at a table with eight giant cookies and 15 bridal magazines?  It’s kind of awkward.

Will you be my friend?

Thankfully, girls started showing up right on schedule (well, most were a few minutes late) and we had a great time!  You’d think putting together seven brides to be might be a little scary, but it was actually a totally awesome gabfest.  Turns out one of them even lives in the same apartment complex as me.  After more then two hours I headed home with a smile and three leftover cookies.  This made my fiance smile too.


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