Blast from the Past: That’s what I needed to hear

I’ve got some good stuff/updates coming up for you, but since I’m a little lazy this morning I’m going to start with a new “Blast From the Past” from my old college blog.   Enjoy!

That’s What I Needed to Hear (June 2004)

So today I took a walk to Dorothy’s Boutique to get some of those silly Chinese slipper things. My old ones already have a hole in them. (Told ya they were crap…that’s what I get for being a hypocrite) I went up to the counter to pay and this woman came up to me with these two little change purses with little orange and yellow smiling suns on them. One was black and one was red.

Remember these?

“Which one should I get?” she asked me. Noticing the sun was off-center on the black one I told her to go with red. “It’s happier,” I said. Little did I know she needed all the happiness she could get.

“It seems silly but this is a big deal for me,” she said, “I never buy myself anything.”

She started telling me about how she and her sister were both battling cancer last year and while she was winning… her sister was not. She told me how she flew back and forth to California to visit her sister and she spent a lot of money doing so.

“It’s been a year,” she said. “She died last spring.”

She told me how ever since then she was pretty careful with money because she spent so much trying to help her sister.

I stood silently and listened to her story.

“You must think I’m nuts,” she said. I wasn’t quiet because of that though; I was quiet because I didn’t know what to say.

Lately my own spending habits have been horrible. Working two jobs makes me feel like I deserve whatever I want. If I see something I like, I can usually somehow justify buying it even though I know I shouldn’t.

Just yesterday I told myself I was gonna curb my spending for the next month or so and what do I do today? Of course, I bought a new dress. It was on sale though! (sarcasm) With my Banana Republic discount it was only $60 from an original $148! (more sarcasm)

$60 is $60 and the woman in Dorothy’s reminded me today…the best things in life really are free.


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