Mushrooms, Maple & Teriyaki

“Mushrooms, maple and teriyaki,” (I’m not exactly a wine connoisseur) was how I described the fourth (?) wine sample I tipsily sipped  and then proclaimed, “I like this venue.  I’m going to like the next one either more or less.  Let’s pick one today.”  My fiancé Chris agreed.  That was easy. We’d already toured two potential venues before the holidays and had two appointments at local wineries on Saturday.  For some reason, visiting the first two felt stressful, and while neither was ruled out 100% after the first visits, we weren’t particularly drawn to them either.  They weren’t perfect.   It’s my “big day.”  It’s all about perfection, right?

Well, thankfully, Meg Keene’s “A Practical Wedding” came out just in time.  (I plan to do a full post about the book down the line, but must finish reading it first.) In the book she references a Voltaire quote, “the best is the enemy of the good,” which I didn’t totally comprehend until Saturday.  As I was sitting there sipping (free) wine on a gorgeous 70-degree January day, everything felt right.  So what if I don’t really like the lattice wedding arch or there are a few power lines marring the gorgeous green view?  Will anyone really notice the faded tapestry on the wall?  In that moment I knew I could continue searching for the “perfect” venue for months, driving myself and my fiancé crazy, or I could just be done with the search and happy with our choice.

Ready to walk down the aisle. Hope I'm not all squinty on my wedding day.

We continued on to our next venue, after a fantastic outdoor lunch at a different vineyard, and were not at all pleased.  While the setting was gorgeous; the coordinator was rude, anyone who needed to use the bathroom and couldn’t climb stairs would have to be driven around back to the bathroom, and there was no dressing room.  No thanks.

Needless to say, we’ve secured the date and have a week to put down the deposit.  The biggest wedding planning decision has been made.  Now on to the next one:-)


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