Game Over

After the excitement of wedding venue shopping on Saturday, Chris couldn’t wait to fly Champ again, so we set off for the park behind our supermarket.  Unfortunately that excitement was short lived.  Apparently Champ was so excited to fly again too that he just couldn’t contain himself to the park, wandered over the parking lot and landed here (better than on a car I suppose):

Game Over (possibly for real this time)

I think it’s really stuck this time.  We returned to the park later that evening to see if we could shake it out of the tree, but that little stinker wouldn’t budge.  It’s been four days, so now each time we drive by, we bet each other five kisses whether or not it’s still there or if it’s been stolen.  I’m the optimist and I’ve won every time.  If anyone is an expert on extracting RC planes from trees, I’d like to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “Game Over

  1. I can!! That is if your optimism stands true through the end of March. Until then, enjoy your 5 kisses a day from your hubby to be. =)

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