This Time Last Year: A Snow Day in NYC

Watch out folks, it’s going to get a little sentimental up in here!

I don’t know if everyone does it, but I often find myself thinking “this time last year.”  For me it’s a way to think about my growth and success over the last 365 days and also to reflect upon positive memories from the past.

This year, it’s even more relevant than ever.  As I sat here looking out my window on a sunny California day in January, I came across a few photos from about this time last year.

This time last year, I was living the life in my awesome apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side (For those of you who don’t know NYC, that’s where Lady Gaga is from, not where Carrie Bradshaw lived.  She was an Upper East Sider), but frequently traveling to San Jose to see my boyfriend.  Each day, I took the subway to work at a very busy, tiny little PR firm on 42nd Street.  I had lots of fun nights out with the girls (granted many of those “nights out” were actually nights in on the couch with a bottle of wine and Mad Men DVDs) and the craziest city at my fingertips.  I was happy with my life, but also knew I was on the verge of a major change.

This time last year, the grit of the city was covered with a fresh layer of snow.  The morning was peaceful and nearly silent, though the hustle and bustle returned in the evening as everyone laced up their boots to get back to their normal routine and the white snow quickly mixed with the city grime.  White snow never lasts long in Manhattan.

A snowy morning on West 72nd St.

Saw these little guys later that night when I went out for groceries

A very snowy night in Verdi Square

Today I live in a massive apartment complex (that sometimes I like to pretend is a Mediterranean resort) in (mostly) sunny San Jose.  I’m 15 months away from being married, which seems pretty short in the scheme of a lifetime.  I zip around the suburbs (and sometimes San Francisco) in my shiny new Honda Fit (though always going the speed limit), as I spend my days cooking and writing and  sometimes volunteering, while trying to figure out exactly what I want to be when I grow up (again).  Thinking back to this time last year there have been so many changes, yet so much has stayed the same, and I still couldn’t be happier!


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