Cheeseburgers and Compromise

Love is all about compromise, so I knew this morning when Chris willingly offered to go to Target with me to check out the new Jason Wu collection at 9 am, that I’d want to repay the favor.  It didn’t take me too long to do so, because just as he fired up the grill to cook up the mini burgers we bought at Target, I noticed they smelled a little “off.”  The meat hadn’t expired and looked just fine, and while I might be known to test expiration dates, off smelling meat is not something I mess with (I know, I know).  I don’t think either of us really wanted to go back to the store, but were both suddenly really craving burgers, so off I went.  In honor of the Super Bowl (which I didn’t care that much about) and my extra trip to the store, I decided to get a little creative and made a super delicious burger (sans bun of course).

That’s 80/20 ground beef seasoned with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.  It’s also stuffed with bleu cheese crumbles and topped with Colby Jack, tomato, mayo, ketchup and a fried egg.  Holy yum!

The moral of the story(besides that cheeseburgers are delicious)? Helping each other out and doing things for your partner, that you might not necessarily want to do, always pays off in the end.  I appreciate the little things Chris does for me and it only makes me want to be an even better partner in return.  Of course it a also helps to have lots of things we don’t have to compromise on — like cheeseburgers.


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