Meet, Cub (and a scary jackrabbit)

What I didn’t tell you a few weeks ago after Champ’s disappearance, was that Chris came home with a new plane the very next day.  Unable to find an exact replacement he went with the J-3 Cub, which has had a much better fate.

After learning his lesson with the trees, Chris sought out a new place to fly, and we ended up in this ginormous field near our apartment.  The weather this weekend was impeccable, so we decided to go out flying both Saturday and Sunday.  Personally I’ll  just take any excuse to be outside.  As Chris improves his flying skills, I’m working on mine with the camera.  Here are some shots of Cub, none of which involve trees:

What I really wish I could have captured was the giant jackrabbit that scared the bejesus out of me.  I was pretty sure it was a hybrid coyote/kangaroo coming to take Cub hostage. You know, like this guy. Maybe they’re common here in California, but we don’t have them on the East Coast …  and my are they scary when they jump out of no where!


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