Super Easy Valentine’s Day Nail Art

While I think nail art is totally cool and envy anyone who has the patience for it … I just don’t have it.  However, with a fading manicure and a new stock of nail polish, I decided to give my friend Anna over at Glitter She Wrote’s Valentine’s Nail Art a try.

I’m not sure what color my base red is since I got them done at a salon, but you could start with any red really.  One of my favorites is Essie’s “Size Matters” from the Cocktail Bling collection.

I was psyched to try out my new China Glaze “Wicked Style” pink polish from the Electropop Collection, which was perfect for her Scotch Tape heart accent nail.  This one was super easy and super cute.

heart accent thumb

Next, to cover up my chipping tips, I tried out the glitter tips.  I chose China Glaze’s “Ruby Pumps” for this one since it has a red base that would camouflage my chipping polish.  Since you’re working with glitter it’s pretty forgiving if you’re not perfect with the freehand French mani.  I also only let them dry for about 30 seconds before applying top coat.  This helped blur the imperfect lines a bit (think smudging imperfect smokey eye liner).

Valentine's Day glitter tips

I think this could work well for any occasion, using different hues of matching polish and glitter.  It kind of makes me want to get glitter in every color so I can salvage all chipping manis this way.



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