Tales From the Mat: YogaSource Los Gatos (Class 1)

When I started this blog I expected to write a lot more about my yoga journey. I also expected I’d actually be practicing more yoga.  Let’s just say this year has been off to a slow start.  Better to start slow than get into it too quick and fizzle out, right?

After a so-so first class at Just Breathe, I ended up going to just one more and had basically the same experience.  Sadly something just kind of turned me off, perhaps it was the head stand in the beginner’s class?  While I’m all for challenging yourself and believe it’s a great way to take your skills to the next level, jumping into things without proper training can also be very dangerous.

Last month, this New York Times’ article had the yoga community talking quite a bit about this matter.  While I’m very new to yoga, it seems Broad is referring to extreme situations as the norm, which I don’t think is entirely accurate.  There’s risk for injury with any physical activity, and in my experience, one of the best ways to prevent that is proper instruction and training, along with practice and common sense.

Anyway,  after a bit of a slump, I decided to give YogaSource in Los Gatos a try today.  I purchased a Groupon a few months back for 20 classes, but started today with their free beginner’s orientation.  While I think I need to try out a real class there before forming too much of an opinion, I found my experience today as just so-so.

I arrived a few minutes late (if you know me, that’s super rare), which may have set the tone for my practice today.  The class had a wonderfully slow pace and was super basic, which I felt I needed after the head stand experience, but I wouldn’t call it much of an orientation.  At the end of class the instructor basically read over the class descriptions (which I could have done from the comfort of my own home) and suggested trying Bikram next “if you can stand the heat.”  So my question is – what if you can’t stand the heat?  In hindsight, that’s probably something I should have asked her.  I’ve never tried Bikram, but personally I find it rather intimidating, and expect other newbies feel the same way.  I think I’ll start with their Gentle Flow class instead. Stay tuned!

While I suppose it’s a matter of preference, what also bugged me about this place was the overall vibe.  Entering the studio is quite a bit like entering a Lululemon store (they carry Lululemon merchandise) and a gym at the same time.  The studio itself is brand new, very large and very clean, but it’s lacking that serene small studio charm. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, as classes were beginning and ending, and quite a bit of noise from the hallway could be heard during my class.

Regardless of my experience today, I’ve got 20 classes and I’m planning to give them another shot. Perhaps I’ll even brave the heat and give Bikram a try.


One thought on “Tales From the Mat: YogaSource Los Gatos (Class 1)

  1. Thanks for your measured approach! A lot of people were properly freaking out about Broad’s book (Kaminoff’s video reply is actually quiet useful to dispel some of the myths). Oh and I know the feeling of being in a yoga studio/Lulu store. Awful 😦

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