Meet, Zoey. She sleeps a lot.

I’ve had a nasty head cold since Saturday, which has been keeping me from posting.  Luckily I have a new buddy to keep me company and nurse me back to health.

Since having my very first apartment, I’ve always wanted a cat of my own.  Growing up with kitties, having a furry little thing running around the house just seems natural.  Thankfully, Chris is on the same page, and since before Christmas we’ve been debating finally getting one of our own.  We’ve gone back and forth on the idea but Chris decided to take the plunge on Valentine’s Day and gave me a “certificate” good for one kitty of our choosing.  It had an expiration date in two weeks, so we’d have to act quickly.

On Friday night, we headed to the Humane Society of Silicon Valley’s satellite adoption center at Petco, and immediately fell in love with a five month old calico named Tinkerbell.  Unfortunately they were too busy to help us adopt her that night, so we went back on Saturday morning, staking out the adoption center twenty minutes before opening.  We meant business.

In less than a few hours, we left the store with Tinkerbell (we’ve since renamed her Zoey) and a boatload of kitty supplies.  She’s one spoiled little girl.

Bringing Zoey home

She was a bit scared when we first arrived at home, but it hasn’t taken her too long to warm up. She loves draping herself all over the couch … and us!

sleepy head

sleeping with her tongue out

belly up

no pillow needed


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