It’s been an especially bad week for me keeping up with things here, but I’m hoping to get everything back to normal soon. As I mentioned not too long ago, I’ve been working on another project, which I’m proud to announce has gone live. You can now read all about my Bay Area food truck musings over at truckista.com. Hopefully this will make up for the slow week … and I promise to get back on track soon!

I’m about to head to my seventh yoga class at Dharma Studio, so you can expect some updates soon. While I’m not sure I’ll be able to catch up on my daily March photos, I should have some more of those for you next week too.

Happy Friday, everyone.


March Photo a Day: A Corner of my Home

I know I’m more than a few days behind on my photos, but here’s the one for today. I’m planning to post a backlog within the next few days, when I’m not running from spin class to yoga and reading The Hunger Games in between (rough, I know). ┬áSpeaking of busy, I’m actually working on another little project that I’m hoping to show you in the next couple weeks or so. Stay tuned!

a corner of my home

Neon Nails – China Glaze Pink Voltage

It’s sad to say, but my last hot pink mani lasted about as long as my fame, so after watching more and more flakes chip off last night during yoga, it needed to be remedied today.

Something about having bright nails really makes me smile. I think it’s dancing between fabulous and fun and a little bit tacky. Better to have tacky nails than a tacky attitude, right?

Anyway, I decided to dig into my personal collection today and pulled out China Glaze’s Pink Voltage, another neon from The Wow Factor collection. I bought this a few months back, but today was my first time trying it. It’s a little off in the photos, but this polish is SUPER bright. I think last week’s China Glaze Purple Panic was a starter neon for me.

China Glaze Pink Voltage (Neon)


I think it’s the perfect color to brighten up this gray day.


China Glaze Pink Voltage (Neon)