Target Find: Up & Up Lavender Nectar Body Wash

Traveling a lot over the last year or so has left me with a bathroom cabinet of all kinds of mini toiletries.  After trips to Tennessee, Seattle and Connecticut in December alone, Chris and I decided we’re going to try to stay put for a little while, so after running out of body wash a month or so ago, I decided to start using these babies up.

I can’t say I’ve gone through all the mini body washes in my bathroom yet, but I’ve got to save some for upcoming travel, right? Anyway, on a recent Target trip I was wooed by what looks like a new bath and body collection by their Up & Up brand.

While I think in some instances it’s important to buy name-brand (like with toothpaste and canned tuna), I love a good generic, and Up & Up is one of my favorites.

I couldn’t find this collection online yet, but it has five different scents and includes hand soap, bar soap and body wash.  I picked up the body wash, for less than $4, in the lavender nectar scent and I love it. It also comes in Mandarin Orange, Sea Breeze, Fresh Spring and Bamboo Lime. The formula is light, yet moisturizing, and has a soft subtle scent. I can’t wait to try more!


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