Target Find: Swimwear

I loathe swimsuit shopping just as much as most women, so I wasn’t too pleased when my favorite tankini needed to be retired last year. I had been eyeing a gorgeous jade green replacement from J-Crew all summer, so towards August when it went on clearance, I was elated. Too bad that also meant “final sale.” Of course, my biggest fear was the suit being too small and me feeling crappy about it, so I was both pleasantly and unpleasantly surprised when the top was way too big. A few weeks later some of the bikini tops went on even bigger clearance, so I decided to chance it again in an effort to still wear the bottom. This time the top fit, but had weird cutouts that weren’t visible on the model, and led to potentially drastic wardrobe malfunctions for me.  Fail.

Anyway, bummed about the J-Crew suit disaster, I noticed some super cute swimwear separates one day while browsing Target. Knowing that I could return this one, I picked up a Converse brand tankini top and bikini bottom in a fun paisley print, and crossed my fingers. Target can’t possibly be cuter and more flattering than J-Crew, can it? Oh yes it can! I was so pleased with my suit that I ended up buying the matching bikini top when it was on sale later on.

Converse for Target bikini top

While Target is no longer carrying the suit I have, there are still a few pieces on clearance. Assuming you need a top and bottom, you’re probably wondering why I’m telling you about this now.

Swatch from my Converse for Target swimsuit

Well, I was in Target earlier this week and noticed they have a whole new line of swimwear out now, and some of the styles are very similar to mine. They have a great selection of separates in several of their brands, including Merona, Converse and Xhiliration, many of which are on sale now. Many of the pieces are currently $14-$20 each. They even have a line from ASSETS by Sara Blakely, which is a SPANX brand. While there’s a lot to choose from on their site, I believe the store has an even better selection, especially when it comes to the Converse suits.

Here are a few of their fun styles from online:

Mossimo® Black: Womens 2-Piece Crochet Tankini Swimsuit

Mossimo® Womens Mix & Match 2-Piece Swimsuit in assorted colors

Merona® Womens Shirred 1-Piece Swimsuit with Rosettes - Assorted Colors


3 thoughts on “Target Find: Swimwear

  1. Was hoping for a bigger pic so I could color it for the blog. Either way you look fantastic!

    I’m way up north so we aren’t seeing too many on the sales racks just yet. I do keep an eye out for them every time I hit target though.

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