Beautiful Blooms

It’s been a pretty busy springtime for me, and while I may not be keeping up with posts the way I’d like to be, I have had time to stop and smell the roses. And that’s what’s most important anyway, right?

A few weeks ago, Chris and I both had our parents in town, which gave us the opportunity take part in a few mildly touristy activities. One sunny Saturday afternoon we spent at Filoli, which is a gorgeous historic estate, surrounded by fabulously lush gardens.

Thanks to a green-thumbed mother, I learned to appreciate gardens at an early age, and was thoroughly impressed with Filoli. The gardens were filled with many bold and gorgeous blooms, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to practice with my new camera. Here are some of my favorites:


One thought on “Beautiful Blooms

  1. I’ve never heard of that place. Will have to visit next time I in the area. I love the area surrounding the Santa Cruz mountains. Spent time in Soquel in college and dream of getting a position at UC Santa Cruz one day. So beautiful up there.

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