tales from the mat – fitcamp time!

It’s been months since I’ve taken a yoga class, and while I haven’t given up on it just yet, I’ve found a few other things that have been easier for me to stick to, and that’s what’s most important, right?

I’ve always been told that you just have to find a way to exercise that you enjoy, and it will be much easier, but quite frankly I never believed that. Not that it wasn’t good advice, but I was pretty sure I’d never enjoy any exercise – especially not my new exercise of choice – boot camp classes!

It all started when I was talking to a friend about getting in shape for my wedding (now three months away!) and she asked if I’d ever consider a boot camp class. I said “heck no!!!” (or something along those lines).

Well, I don’t know what came over me after that, but all of a sudden I was emailing the trainer from TotalFit Solutions, which I learned was located in my neighborhood, and offers what they call FitCamp classes within walking distance from my home. Somehow I convinced myself to bite the bullet and give it a try and I was shocked when I realized it wasn’t half bad. Here’s why:

1. Location, location, location. While you hear that when buying a house or renting an apartment, it’s really important for a lot of things. I have absolutely no excuse not to make it to FitCamp because I can pretty much roll there.

2. The people. The group of people in the class and the trainer were so welcoming to me, it’s hard not to like it. After the first few sessions I also convinced my fiance to join me, which has made it even better. Now I can look at class as not only a great workout, but good quality time with him too.

3. The actual exercise. The trainer is awesome at mixing up the workouts every week and really knowing how to adapt them for all skill levels. I feel challenged during every class, but rarely feel like there’s anything I flat out can’t do. With all of the variety I almost always feel sore after class, so I know it’s working..

4. The sense of accomplishment. Since FitCamp is something I never thought I’d try, let alone actually enjoy, completing each week feels great. I think it’s really important to try new things, because you really never know what you might just like, even if it’s something you were convinced you wouldn’t.

Boot camp style classes might not be right for everyone, but I think these elements can easily apply for other things. As a matter of fact, since FitCamp is only twice a week, I’m filling in with different exercise on some of the off days, which I’ll tell you more about later!


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