My name is Nicole and I’m the epitome of the East Coast, or at least I was.  I grew up in Connecticut, started college in Vermont, finished college in Boston and stuck around there for a while before I really grew up in Manhattan.

I was living the single-girl-New-York-City life, when my now fiance moved to town from Southern California and swept (or shall I say “sweat” since it was at least 100 degrees the day we met) me off my feet.   Shortly after that he was re-located to Silicon Valley for work.  After nearly a year of long-distance dating, I took the plunge and bought a one way ticket to San Jose.  That’s how it usually happens, right?

Needless to say, I’ve gone from small-town to big-city and have now landed somewhere in between.   Living in a giant (and beautiful) apartment complex that’s practically a part of Cisco’s campus (that’s the Bay Area for ya) I’ll be sharing my thoughts and adventures here as I navigate the country’s Left Coast while planning my wedding, learning to cook, and becoming a skilled yogi (a girl can dream, right?).

Thanks for stopping by!


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