Blast from the Past: That’s what I needed to hear

I’ve got some good stuff/updates coming up for you, but since I’m a little lazy this morning I’m going to start with a new “Blast From the Past” from my old college blog.   Enjoy!

That’s What I Needed to Hear (June 2004)

So today I took a walk to Dorothy’s Boutique to get some of those silly Chinese slipper things. My old ones already have a hole in them. (Told ya they were crap…that’s what I get for being a hypocrite) I went up to the counter to pay and this woman came up to me with these two little change purses with little orange and yellow smiling suns on them. One was black and one was red.

Remember these?

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Blast from the Past

My old college blog amuses me.  I thought it might amuse you too.  Here’s my first post from June 2004.

Living with hookers on Isabella Street

Well, this is the second blog I’ve tried to start. I think now I might be bored enough to keep it up. Although honestly, this summer is anything but boring….

Boston's South End - location of my first real apartment

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