It’s not always like this

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m constantly being asked how I like it here in the Bay Area.  There are a million reasons why I like it, but in casual small talk, the easiest response to give is the weather.  What always surprises me are the folks who try to say it’s not that great or that the day’s gorgeous weather is an uncommon fluke.

I guess what folks have forgotten, or just don’t realize, is that a sunny 75-degree-day in February isn’t a fluke in New England, it’s a fantasy.  It simply just doesn’t happen. Any climate that allows for me to walk barefoot on the beach in the middle of winter (even if I am wearing jeans and a long-sleeved tee) is pretty darn awesome … and that’s exactly what I did this weekend.

beach houses in Capitola, CA


A Wonderful Day

Since moving to the Bay Area six months ago, I get asked the same question all the time – how do you like it here?  While I think people sometimes seem surprised by my answer, I truly love it here.  The weather is wonderful, the landscape is gorgeous, there’s tons of delicious food, lots of culture and diversity, and of course, the love of my life.  The only things that are really missing are my friends and family.

While I’m slowly making new friends and have had some great “girl time” here, there’s nothing quite like the friend who gave you her white chocolate raspberry cheesecake while you were crying alone in bed on a Friday night in college (for goodness knows what reason); or the one who cleaned up your cuts and scrapes after slipping on some ice on the way home from a college party (I still blame the ice); or the one you shared a Manhattan apartment with, where the only thing dividing your kitchen and makeshift living room, was a sheer curtain. Continue reading

This Time Last Year: A Snow Day in NYC

Watch out folks, it’s going to get a little sentimental up in here!

I don’t know if everyone does it, but I often find myself thinking “this time last year.”  For me it’s a way to think about my growth and success over the last 365 days and also to reflect upon positive memories from the past.

This year, it’s even more relevant than ever.  As I sat here looking out my window on a sunny California day in January, I came across a few photos from about this time last year. Continue reading


Recently a friend of mine lost more than forty pounds after being introduced to yoga (which then led to other healthful habits).  I use the term “recently” loosely, because I give her a ton of her credit for her journey, which didn’t exactly happen overnight, but she’s gone from eating gummy bears and Indian takeout on the couch nightly to a fit yogi with a much better sense for food.

As for me, I recently fell in love and left behind my single-girl life as a Public Relations Account Manager in Manhattan (along with all of my friends and family on the East Coast) and followed my heart and my (now) fiancé to Silicon Valley.

Talk about changes. Continue reading