Kitty Pics: Sleeping Beauty

I think it has something to do with being a teen-aged female, but Zoey had been quite bratty lately. Thankfully, she’s still cute as a button when she’s asleep …


Kitty Pics: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So it’s actually not raining today, because … you know, we only get like ten days of rain per year here in sunny California, but I found this in the camera from a few weeks ago, and just had to post it. Zoey was so fascinated with the raindrops she sat there staring at them for a good 30 minutes, which is days in kitty time. I think she thought they were some kind of wild beast that she had to catch.

Kitty Pics: Playtime!

As a new kitty mommy, it’s hard for me to not post photos of Zoey every day, but I’m not quite ready to be that kind of cat lady, so I’ll refrain (sometimes).

Anyway, since I already posted some photos of Zoey sleeping, I thought I’d share some of her in action.

The shelter sent Zoey home with this mouse and she LOVES it, so much so that he’s missing an eye.

She REALLY goes crazy with this thing …  until she loses it under the couch, which happens pretty much every time.

Once it’s under the couch she’ll pout until one of us gets it. (Or she steals one of my makeup brushes from the bathroom.  She has a preference for my MAC eye shadow blending brush.  She only takes that one.)

Meet, Zoey. She sleeps a lot.

I’ve had a nasty head cold since Saturday, which has been keeping me from posting.  Luckily I have a new buddy to keep me company and nurse me back to health.

Since having my very first apartment, I’ve always wanted a cat of my own.  Growing up with kitties, having a furry little thing running around the house just seems natural.  Thankfully, Chris is on the same page, and since before Christmas we’ve been debating finally getting one of our own.  We’ve gone back and forth on the idea but Chris decided to take the plunge on Valentine’s Day and gave me a “certificate” good for one kitty of our choosing.  It had an expiration date in two weeks, so we’d have to act quickly. Continue reading